DARE TO BELIEVE by greg higgins- I'm not a professional just an old guy in his mid 60's that enjoys sitting in my room and palying my guitar and singing songs. So please don't expect to hear a great band.
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 1.  Father Of The Sky  (Native   American Prayer)

 2.  Glory Was Shining That Night

 3.  Jesus Was An Outlaw

 4.  Holy Are You Lord

 5.  Dare To Believe

 6.  Dead Man Running

 7.  Sensory Overload

 8.  No Need For Parole

 9.  I Confess

10. He Loved Me So

11. Dandelion Christian

12. Ain't God No Gospel Blues

13  O My Heart

14  Lord of The Tribes

15  O Lord

16  We Sall Live

17   I See The Lord

18   Cool Living Water 

18   Cool Living Water

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